Count on Purvis Brothers Inc. for prompt delivery of quality motor fuels to your business. We offer top quality gasoline that meets all the latest requirements. Available in both premium and regular grades and can be custom blended to your octane requirements.


We sell the very best diesel fuel – really! We start with quality diesel fuel that meets all of the latest industry and government specifications. Then we treat it with the latest in additive technology to defeat operational problems that plague modern engines. This special additive formula helps keep fuel systems as clean as possible. It works to eliminate a common problem of black filter deposits, which can cause unplanned downtime. Our fuel will start easier, run better, and burn cleaner. It will also cause less exhaust system soot and increase storage stability. All this adds up to better performance, less maintenance, and more up time. The identical product is available for on and off-road use, with the only difference being the required red dye in the excise tax-free off-road version.


EZer0 Ethanol Free Gasoline provides protection and performance when compared to ethanol-blended gasolines. EZer0 is great for boats, lawn equipment, small engines, and portable power equipment as well as any car or truck (based on octane requirements). EZer0 is legal for on and off road use.


Purvis Fleet Fueling offers local operators quick, convenient and secure access to quality fuels for their vehicle fleet. Purvis Fleet Fueling has 6 convenient locations in Butler County and are available 24 hours.

We offer quality gasoline in up to 5 grades; top quality diesel fuel with unsurpassed performance, and road tax-free red diesel fuel for off-road use. Also available at many locations are automotive oils, fluids and kerosene.

Simple Solutions for Your Fleet

Management of fleet fuel purchases is often a headache for organizations. Purvis Fleet Fueling makes it a snap. We can custom design a program for your fleet and how you operate. Using secure card access to fuel helps prevent unauthorized use. Our comprehensive reporting package gives you complete detail on your fuel purchases to help you manage your program and comply with fuel tax reporting requirements.

All fuel is purchased a fleet prices and volume discounts are available.


From the local go-kart track to nationally sanctioned races, Purvis Brothers provides area motorsport enthusiasts with the right fuel for every type of engine, every type of racing.

We offer a full line of VP competition fuels, available in bulk, drums, or pails.