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Company History

Purvis Brothers, Inc. was founded in 1928 in Mars, PA by three brothers- Thomas Darvin Purvis, Sam Purvis and Oliver Purvis. Ownership changed several times with T.D. Purvis becoming the sole owner then selling interests to his son, Mac E. Purvis and son-in-law Harry Barton in the 1940's. After T.D. Purvis died in 1955, ownership was maintained by his widow Ida Hartung Purvis, Mac E. Purvis and Harry Barton. Mac Purvis and Harry Barton purchased the portion held by Ida and incorporated in 1961. Mac Purvis purchased all the stock and owned the company along with his wife, Nancy Heckert Purvis. In 1984, with the passing of Nancy Purvis, Mac Purvis became the owner along with his two sons, Mac E. Purvis, Jr. and Robert L. Purvis. Robert Purvis left the business in 1998 to pursue other activities. Today, the company is owned an managed by Mac E. Purvis and his son Mac E. Purvis, Jr.

Mars Bulk Plant circa 1930
Mars Bulk Plant, Purvis Brothers, 1930

Mars Service Station circa 1931
Mars Service Station, Purvis Brothers, 1931

Mars Service Station circa 1954
Mars Service Station, Purvis Brothers, 1954

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