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Heating Fuels

Providing quality heating fuels to area homes and businesses is our most important business. Purvis Brothers Inc provides not only the highest level of service to the customer, but also the highest level of quality.

Quality Heat For Your Home

Our low-sulphur, Oil City heating oil is the highest quality fuel available to consumers. Made only from Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil, our heating oil offers several features at put ahead of others.

Because it is not made by "cracking" western or foreign crude oils, it will store in your tank better and form much less sludge and gum that can clog your furnace's fuel system. Having the same low sulphur content as modern diesel fuel, it mean our fuel forms less corrosive sulphuric acid when it burns in your furnace - this will help extend the life of the furnace and protect the environment.

Finally, the "lube oil" character of our fuel - a natural bonus of Pennsylvania Crude- ensures a smooth and complete burn in your furnace for maximum efficiency and minimum soot.

Service Guarantee

This quality heating oil is backed by service that is second to none. Our fleet of modern tanker trucks and trained drivers stand ready to serve your home or business year 'round. We offer convenient automatic delivery so you will never have to worry about your oil supply. And, we back up our automatic delivery with 24 hours on-call emergency service during the winter months.

We also offer convenient payment plans including a budget payment plan that allows you pay your heating oil needs over time. We also offer discounts for credit card and cash deliveries.

Contact us today to see why thousands of area homes and business have trusted Purvis Brothers to keep them warm for years and years.

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